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How much is Liverpool’s Luis Suarez worth?

One of the most controversial characters in world football at this moment in time has been causing yet more trouble this Summer; but how much is the troublesome Uruguayan really worth in today’s market?

The biggest and most common claim from the media in general has been that Liverpool are demanding around £50 million for their star player (ESPN), which doesn’t seem too extraordinary when you consider the cost of Cavani and Falcao to be marginally more than that. You would imagine that any team who has been close to making an offer for Suarez would have pointed out the number of games he has missed in the last four years and the fact he has a pending suspension for biting Branislav Ivanovic. His lack of availability and pressure that he seems to bring onto which ever team he plays for should surely have some influence on his current market value, although Liverpool don’t seem to be buying that line off of Real Madrid.

The deals involving players to be around a similar calibre, have been of a similar value but there are arguments to say that Falcao and Cavani are not the same type of player in the way they can drop deeper to create goals and wouldn’t be as likely to carry a team with the level of service that Suarez has had to put up with at Liverpool, with very poor play from some midfielders who have struggled for form behind him, rather than the revitalised Arda Turan and Marek Hamsik respectively.

His style of play and ability to create goals for himself with high intensity attacking play and close-foot dribbling has made him a gem for Liverpool; but the question remains over his value whether he would be quite as comfortable when put in a team where he isn’t the stand out player – the situation he would be in if he moves to the Santiago Bernabéu.

Suarez has lost the support of large portions of his once-so-loyal Liverpool fans who have lost patience with not only his various charges from the FA but his recent quotes about wanting to leave, that has been seen by some as a betrayal of the faith they have given to him. This loss of faith has suggested it more likely that Liverpool will finally succumb to transfer interest and offload their one remaining world-class player, but the hope of that reinvestment has sunk and why would you really pay £50 million for someone quite such a nightmare to manage?

His playing style doesn’t necessarily fit with other players who would want to be getting the ball away from him, his cliché greedy striker nature may well get under the skin of other big name players and lead to a clash of rather large egos that it looks as though the interest in Suarez has dipped to the point Arsenal seem most likely; who really thinks they are going to pay over £40 million for anyone?

With all of his issues it makes him worth around £35 million if they were selling outside of the country and probably more than that if selling to a rival, but all of the baggage and difficulties of the Uruguayan make him very hard to sell for over £40 million, however sensational he is as a footballer.



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