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The Importance of Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher

Underrated, passionate, a true legend.

It is safe to say that when asked to describe Jamie Carragher, these words would not be far from your vocabulary. A true professional who won’t be just missed from Liverpool and their fans, but, in fact from the footballing world. But why has Carragher been so important for Liverpool over the last seventeen years?  Is it the pure ‘old style’ defending ability that has stopped even the best strikers at times, or is it more the presence of this footballer that has made him such a pivotal player?

After making his final and 737th appearance for Liverpool against Queens Park Rangers in the seasons concluding fixture, Carragher took with him a spirit and even half ended an era for Liverpool that’s only survival lives with Carragher’s long time colleague and friend, Steven Gerrard. These two players can do much more than just ‘kick a ball’ but, can uplift players at the worst of times and use their experience and passion to win games which they really shouldn’t (thinking back to Istanbul in 2005). With Carragher leaving, a fear and concern enters my mind regarding Liverpool’s future, especially concerning the leadership department. Even though they still have the midfield maestro that is, Steven Gerrard, it must be said that he is in the final stages of his career and then what?Yes players like Agger, Sturridge and Suarez know how to play football to an exceptionally high standard, but can you really see Suarez leading his team to ‘bite back’ in the wake of defeat, and not on the shoulder of a certain Serbian right back? It is a sad time for Liverpool Football Club who are losing, in Jamie Carragher, half of the spirit of the kop and next season will have to improve significantly to match the likes of the two Manchester clubs’ and Chelsea and to start this preparation to improvement can only be made harder with the omission of Jamie Carragher from the dressing room, a job that no one is envious of.

However, even though he is leaving Liverpool in potential times of trouble, we must celebrate the career of arguably one of the best defenders the Premier league has ever seen, with  personality and passion to match. An underrated player, who always got the job done. A true legend.

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