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Kaka Going To Chelsea?

Ok now this is really weird, Chelsea chief Kenyon is in talks with AC Milan about making a deal with Kaka. Now there is not much on this yet, but if AC gets Drogba. Does that mean AC looses Kaka?

If Drogba does become a Milan then I would hope and pray that they don’t get rid of Kaka. Kaka is probably the best player in the world besides Ronaldo.

And if it means getting rid of Kaka for Drogba then I would just get rid of the deal between Milan and Drogba cause Milan needs Kaka for next season if they want to make a run at the title.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to see Drogba go to Milan, but not for an exchange for Kaka, Not gonna happen. And Kaka did sign a contact earlier this year in San Siro.

So why would Milan even think about trading Kaka for Drogba it just makes no sense to me.

Why Why Why??

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