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Lionel Messi set for earth shattering Barcelona departure?

Let’s start this with this: Francois Gallardo. He isn’t really the greatest source, is he? For this is a man that said Pedro was on the verge of a Barcelona exit, that John Terry was to move to Valencia, and that Pep Guardiola had a pre contract negotiated with Manchester City; none of which turned out to be true. So, should we believe the man this time? You never know, after all, a broken clock is right twice a day.

The latest words coming out from the mouth of Gallardo is that Barcelona ace Lionel Messi is set for a departure from Catalonia next summer.

In late September, just two months ago, one Barca player and his advisers met with the club. The footballer wanted a review of his contract and the Catalans promised to allow that player to do so. They agreed an increase in wages. Yet after a month, the club made ​​contact with them and explained that they could not fulfil it.

So a month ago the relationship between advisers and the club broke down. The player feels betrayed and has decided to leave at the end of the season.

The player has a verbal agreement other team, and in for February/March he will begin preparing his transfer. The decision is taken. Leo Messi will leave the club at the end of season!

It’s pretty hard to believe that Messi would leave Barcelona, at least right now. The Argentine striker has constantly reiterated that he wants to spend the majority of his career at the Camp Nou before leaving to retire in Argentina, he has said that Barca would be the only European club he would ever play for, and most recently he has said that he is considering retiring at Barcelona. In the midst of his injury troubles, Messi looks happy and content in Spain.

At the Camp Nou Messi is idolised, he is praised and worshipped like a God, he plays with some of the best and finest footballers the world has ever seen and he racks up countless individual and team awards. Plus, this is a club that probably is responsible for Lionel Messi even being a footballer in the first place. It is unthinkable that he would leave all this at the age of 26, and it is also unthinkable that he would break a promise made to the fans of FC Barcelona, that is the promise that Barcelona will be the only European club he would ever play for.

I find it hard to believe that there is any substance to this, but you could never say for sure. And with Pep Guardiola currently coaching Bayern Munich, with Munich being an Adidas club, and with rumours that Bayern could be in for Messi’s signature, Barca fans, keep on your toes throughout the summer.

However, even if Messi were to leave the Catalan capital, it certainly won’t spell doom and gloom. Barcelona will definitely receive a world record transfer fee for the player that will more than likely stand for the next few decades, probably in the region of £250-300 million, and of course, the Catalans have rising star Neymar in tow now.

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