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Three Lions: Why are England unable to win a major tournament?

Another major tournament passed over the summer and yet another English campaign that left a lot to be desired, and left many fans asking the same old familiar question, why are England unable to win a major tournament.

In my opinion there are numerous factors that contribute to this lack of success. Firstly the presence of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard in the central midfield has given many England managers a headache with their inability to work together as a partnership. This is a big problem due to both players being extremely talented with Frank Lampard’s goal scoring from midfield unbeatable, and Steven Gerrard’s ability to pick out a pass from anywhere on the pitch and come up with goals when his team needs it the most. With these two players reaching the twilight of their international careers it creates a space for a new man, which in my opinion is anybodies for the taking. Assuming England play with a central midfield trio, the two holding positions in the future will be fought out between Jack Rodwell, Tom Cleverly and  Jack Wilshere, i would imagine, however the attacking midfield position is a big dilemma for Roy Hodgson with players such as Ashley Young, Alex Oxlade-chamberlain and possibly Wayne Rooney vying out for this position with none seemingly standing out as an out and out starter in that position.

This brings me to another problem which is striker Wayne Rooney. Many see Rooney as the messiah of the English national team and the player who will lead the country to world domination, however nothing that I have seen during his international career has persuaded me that this will be the case. Too many inconsistent performances and controversies have dogged his international career rather than the match winning performances that every England fan craves. There is still time for Rooney to turn this round but time is running out and the emergence of strikers such as Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge are going to only enhance the pressure on Wayne Rooney to perform, and who knows how this will cause him to react.

Finally the strategy England have adopted over the years has rarely worked with conversions from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 proving unsuccessful. A new system therefore i believe  needs to be constructed  for the team to avoid them being overcrowded in the midfield yet also allowing them to be creative going forward. I believe the return of Jack Wilshere will allow this to happen with his creative spark in the midfield allowing the attacking players to have more space in and around the penalty area to create goal scoring opportunities. Also consistent performers in the wide areas are needed to allow for a greater attacking threat and a greater quality delivery into the penalty area, with players such as Ashley Young, Theo Walcott and James Milner dipping in and out of form on a regular basis, the positions are open to anyone if this consistency does not improve. Ultimately in my opinion a 4-5-1 formation would be the best option with a mobile dynamic striker such as Darren Bent or Danny Welbeck with a holding midfielder such as Jack Rodwell alongside a creative figure such as Jack Wilshere, leaving space for an attacking midfielder, maybe even in the form of Wayne Rooney, to make the most of the space available between the opposition midfield and defence.

In conclusion i believe that a revamp in the team is needed with a more youthful look to the side, as well as keeping an experienced and solid defence with players such as John Terry and Joe Hart leading the team into battle.

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