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The wonder of a live game really makes you appreciate football

Going to a live game makes you remember that indescribable feeling that a live game gives you. The increase of live televised games bought by the likes of Sky does allow many people the chance of seeing their team or just enjoying being a neutral. However travelling to a game, chatting football and watching your team live is the true essence of football. Every detail just makes the experience of the day better, the football conversations, the pre-game pie and chips and the atmosphere of a live stadium. The ease of watching a game on the telly is excellent, dropping onto your sofa, walking away if your team fail to perform and when the final whistle goes then you’re already home. It is a truly appealing way to enjoy football but this only works if you support a Premier League team. What about the Football League fans? Their only choice is to watch the extremely brief highlights on The Football League Show or make the travel to watch games.

My personal problem is I live 3 and a half hours from a home game so must take the scarce opportunity of a local away game. But when you make the journey whether up for a home game or even a Tuesday game you always know that the sacrifice of the journey, the cold and the good chance of seeing your team lose is well worth it. To give the players you entrust in live support, to clap them off the pitch and to sing their support is an excellent feeling for any football fan. Of course you have to listen to the moaners around you and you can join in it pleases you, justified by your effort to be there at the game but it is definitely worth it.

The thought of those who attend games against those who don’t has often been a ruling between a ‘true’ fan and not but it is not this simple. The difference is often the ease of which you can you get to the game rather than devotion but going to a live game is often well worth it for casual or ‘armchair’ fan. Feeling the true experience of a live game is how football should feel. That grittiness and, depending on your stadium size, being able to hear the players on the pitch and seeing parts of the game that the cameras won’t pick up or moments that are blocked by replays. I love watching a game live and will continue to do so, being part of that crowd all there in equal joy to support an shared love. Could there be a better feeling?

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