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Liverpool, talking the talk, but will they walk the walk?

Since Kenny Dalglish’s return to the hot seat at Anfield there has been a huge feel good factor at Liverpool, this was caused both by his iconic image but also the upsurge in not only impressive results, but impressive performances to go with them. Even missing out on another year in the Europa League by the slightest margins at the end of the season doesn’t seem to have dampened the spirit at the club however, as since the close of the season there have been a plethora of interviews in which the likes of Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Luis Suarez have all claimed that they will come back stronger next season and will be title challengers once again next year. This coupled with a reported war chest of almost £80 million being handed to Dalglish and Commoli to invest into the squad has many Liverpool fans licking their lips at the prospect of a second rise to glory for the merseysiders. The question remains however whether a squad that can challenge for the title will come into existence, indeed Liverpool have been linked with enough players, from the likes of Connor Wickham to the Prem experienced Downing, there have been rumours that the reds are interested in them all. But is Dalglish and Commoli sending out the wrong message with the signing of Henderson?

Despite this interest in wingers, center backs and strikers (which are the three positions that the red’s squad needs serious investment in) galore thus far there has been only the signing of a central midfielder in Jordan Henderson, along with this is the strong suggestions that Charlie Adam could be wearing Liverpool red before the turn of the season, as well as rumours that Dalglish wants to make Parker a Liverpool man and Commolli being interested in once again working with QPR’s Taarabt once again. These sorts of rumours are very worrying for Liverpool fans, as last season it was clear that our biggest problem was a lack of natural wingers, especially with the aerial strength of Andy Carroll to aim for. With a quarter of the summer transfer kitty already being splashed out of Jordan Henderson I must beg the question, why? The central midfield options open to Liverpool are massive, Lucas really came into his own this season, rising from boo boy to lynch pin, Meireles started slow but ended the season as fans player of the year thanks to Kenny playing him in a central role, Spearing was massively impressive coming in to fill the massive boots of Gerrard, showing huge passion and strong commitment to the cause every game he played, and of course there is Gerrard, surely a club with enough quality in the centre of the park to go almost half a season without a player like Gerrard and almost not need him do not need to be spending out £20 million on more central players. Even Aqualani is still a Liverpool player, and fair enough this is not likely to be the case by the start of the next term but he is a quality player that we have in the ranks.

Now of course in no way am I saying Jordan Henderson is a bad player, he’s fantastic and undoubtedly a future talent for England, I’m just suggesting that it’ll be a shame to see either Spearing or Lucas dropped, or possibly both of them to make way for a Gerrard – Henderson partnership after they performed so well towards the end of last season. Also I fully understand that there is no way that Liverpool will sign all of the central players I listed above, and it is probably the case that a few of those players aren’t even targets and it’s just a case of bad information, and I also accept that Gerrard is heading towards the end of his career and realistically he probably only has two or three good seasons left in him. Despite this I still feel the point stands that wingers should be the most important thing for Dalglish this summer, and maybe the £20million spent on Henderson would of been better spent on a world class winger, as even some of the wingers that have been linked aren’t exactly world class, yes Downing is a good player, but is he really title winning quality? There is also the claim that despite the picture of Downing holding a Liverpool scarf with Liverpool target man Andy Carroll new Villa boss Mcleish will not let Villa’s player of the season go.

Obviously I am commenting prematurely as there is still a good two months for managers to bring in fresh talent, but if Dalglish doesn’t start focussing the big bucks on the areas that Liverpool have been lacklustre in for many years now then Liverpool fans may be bitterly disappointed come the end of next season. What is possibly more worrying are the people claiming that Henderson can play wide and may be used in that role for Liverpool, this has been an issue since the days of Houllier and no longer can Liverpool be content with square pegs for round holes and if Dalglish and Commoli don’t realise this and bring in a couple of wingers, a back up centre back and another good striker then it may be that Liverpool may be waiting another year for both a title challenge and a top four finish.



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