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Liverpool’s Sturridge to replace Suarez’s position!

Liverpool boss Brandon Rodgers has stated that Daniel Sturridge‘s wish to play for Liverpool, as a Central Striker will be approved. This comes just after Liverpool had bought this 23 year old striker from Chelsea at a price of 12 million pounds. It is quite surprising that Luis Suarez who is the major goal scorer for Liverpool (18 goals in all competitions) is the one to switch his position. Personally I think that if Liverpool had not acquired Suarez they would be in the bottom half of the table. Rodgers would like Sturridge to stay in the same position as he was at Chelsea, he also believes that Sturridge will add more power to the Liverpool squad by entering this position. “The principles of your game are based on your players and I think, with Daniel, there are not many quicker so he’ll give us that extra power up there as well.” States Rodgers. Personally I believe this is a good decision that the Liverpool boss has made. According to Rodgers Suarez is okay to play in any other position. “Wherever Luis plays, he will make the same movements and find the space, because he is a world class player.” Said Rodgers. If this is true Liverpool will be a much stronger team; and being just a mere 7 points behind the top four they may have to chance to reach that position.

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