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Manchester United’s Nemanja Vidic – Overrated?

I have been a Manchester United fan for my whole life. Since the Premier League started in 1992 Manchester United centre backs have been amongst the most reliable in England’s top flight and with Rio Ferdinand, this generation of players has another steady eddy at the back, unfortunately in my opinion when he is injured or suspended we lack any discipline amongst whichever centre backs play in his absence.

Johnny Evans and Chris Smalling have a lot to learn still, meaning Nemanja Vidic has to live up to the so called quality everybody believes he has. I don’t dispute his dedication and drive for the cause of Manchester United and I’m delighted he is a United player but the lack of positioning and discipline to stay on his feet really frustrates me.

In the air we have nobody better but as soon as a team such as Arsenal play the ball around our own box looking for gaps in our defence he can not stay patient. The number of free kicks he alone gives away with in shooting distance is not good enough for a team challenging for the title every season. This maybe fine against so called lower league opposition as in the main we have possession in the oppositions half but on numerous occasion’s in the big games Nemanja Vidic will be the guilty party when conceding a goal.

For some funny reason after having two exceptional seasons it seems he can not be blamed for anything. Such as John Terry at Chelsea both World Class centre backs  but why are they never criticised when they make many a mistake. Evidence was when we played Manchester City at the weekend. Who would have thought before the game it would be Chris Smalling controlling our defence playing like he had the experience of Vidic. Next time you get a chance to watch Manchester United just watch Nemanja Vidic, hopefully he’ll stop conceding needless free kicks and play like the solid Captains Manchester United have had at centre-back since I’ve been watching them.



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