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Media lead campaign ruining the game

The football media in England can be a brutal force at times picking at even the most inspirational figure in the game to sell a few papers and make a few dollars. Such behaviour can easily persuade the public into an opinion. It can also in some cases provide a rash decision of unmeasurable proportions from football clubs. So when the most recognised and awarded manager in England stands up against such behaviour the hope is that people take note. Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have a high level of respect for each other but for one to come out and publicly back the other was somewhat of a surprise. Sir Alex was quoted in The Sun as saying “You only need to lose a couple of games to have the critics howling down on you”. Never one to mix words in the media Sir Alex is providing to us one of the key reasons to not underestimate Arsenal football club, the media full of critics is not always right.

Lets not ponder on the achievements of Arsenal football club under Arsene Wenger we all know the trophies and the ‘invincibles’ lets just stop and think how this man’s ethos has changed the Premier League for the better. Arsenal have created a unique style under Arsene Wenger a fluid game style only matched by the great Barcelona side we fortunately see prancing around in Spain today. The amount of dribble the papers around the world have written about this club have sold many a copy yet today we are faced with the doomsday approach by the same papers. The end of an era, the end of Wenger are the headlines being bounced around on the back of a single loss to a resurgent Liverpool. Some may argue that Arsenal are in fact faced with the end of an era with Fabregas and Nasri leaving the club in the recent transfer window. These transfers may signify a rebuilding stage but who better to lead it then Arsene Wenger a man who has created one of the best academies for young talent in the world. Lets not forget he has done it numerous times before and has all the abilities to lead Arsenal further forward.

Tonight that is the beginning of this era, Arsenal are faced with a champions league qualifying tie to once again make it into the group stage for the 16th time in a row. With a depleted squad, being 1-0 up and travelling away from home all eyes will be on Arsene’s ability to pull arsenal through once more. Lets foresee the headlines ‘Arsenal scrape through tie’ and ‘Pressure building on Wenger early champions league exit’ once again undermining the great mans ability to guide a team against the odds. Looking further forward the indication by the media is that Arsenal are heading for a massive dip in position but if reality has any part to play a top 6 finish is every bit realistic. The squad is still quite large compared to the lightweights of Everton and Fulham who constantly pull off top 10 finishes and believe it or not there is still quality in the side. A tough start with the quality that left was always going to result in media spotlight with a softening fixture list and a bunch of stars to return to the first team Arsenal look to a strong September after adding one or two extra faces in the transfer window.

Some may say this is an optimistic piece, others may say realistic the idea here is to expose the media and not forget the continuing achievements of a great manager Arsene Wenger and an ever achieving top four club Arsenal.

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