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Midfielder Mulenga sent home

A bizarre incident involving a Zambian midfielder has seen him sent packing by the team after breaching discipline in their eyes.

Zambian midfielder Clifford Mulenga broke team curfew by partying late into the night with three of his teammates.  The other players involved apologised for their behaviour but it has been rumoured that Mulenga showed no remorse to head coach Herve Renard.

I can’t say he will be sorely missed by the squad as he has only briefly appeared for Zambia at this year’s tournament. He came on as a late substitute against Equatorial Guinea in which Zambia won to win the group. The Zambian FA has backed Renard and is fully behind the decision to send the fringe player packing.

He went out partying after the win over Equatorial Guinea and failed to arrive back at the hotel on time along with the three other teammates. What is interesting to note is that the identity of the other players has been kept ominous and hidden. Is this down to their apology? Well we will never really be able to answer that question but it is believed that Mulenga is the only one not to apologise.

Clifford Mulenga

What I struggle to understand when I hear these stories is why do it in the first place? The curfew is there for a reason and you’re supposed to set an example for young African footballers. Mulenga needs a dose of sanity and realise his position in the team. That position is not coach but a player, a fringe player at that. Players that show no respect or fail to acknowledge their mistakes need to be disciplined and the Zambian FA has conducted themself in the correct manner.

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