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Mourinho’s Coming Home

Ever since Luiz Felipe Scolari was removed from the Stamford Bridge post, and subsequently Dutch ace Guus Hiddink replacing the Brazilian speculation has been gathering about who is actually going to be the new man sitting in THAT seat come August and the opening day of the 2009/2010 Premier League season. Names have been flying around, the usual suspects, Guus Hiddink to remain on a permanent basis, countryman Frank Rijkaard and AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti. Yet the Special One is being overlooked, and what happens when you overlook Mourinho in any aspect? It is a trend that Sir Alex will tell you comes back to haunt you. Jose Mourinho is going to make a shocking return to the Premiership and even more shockingly to his former club Chelsea, a reliable source leaks. “Yeah right! Heard this one before…” I can take that sentence from every single reader, its not hard as many have proclaimed it but none have come up with a theory quite like the one I am going to share with you.

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea owner and Oil Magnet has take crucial hits during the global financial crisis causing him to lose up to an estimated $9 Billion which in sterling is about £4.5 Billion. His hands are tied and he has no money to make available for much needed transfers in the summer. Enter Sheikh Mansour and his German consortium. Roman has been backed into a corner with the credit crunch and is losing money through Chelsea as well as his once great business’ that this Tycoon had so much control over. Despite firm denial and Roman’s unquestionable love for the club he has made a success he has but no choice but to fall at the knees of the financial might of this hostile takeover. Roman will receive up to £800 MILLION from this takeover, Chelsea fans no doubt will be disappointed to see Roman leave but this is where the consortium turns their heads.

Jose Mourinho confessed on the eve of the Milan derby that he will return to Chelsea “If you ask me will I return to Chelsea? The answer will be I think so yes, but I wont say when” Bingo! We have a winner. The soon to be new owners of Chelsea football club have already contacted Mourinho about becoming Chelsea’s new coach in the summer and he has claimed if it goes ahead he will do it. You only have to do the math, Mourinho resigns from the horror which is Italian football, goes to a place where he is loved and appreciated by everyone including the press and in that comfy blue chair once more. For Mourinho this would be heaven, no Roman to clash with, Money at his disposal to bring in the players Chelsea desperately need to beat back the dominance of Sir Alex and his mighty Manchester United side once more.

Still don’t believe me? Well it is also news to some members of the Chelsea squad as well, most notably Didier Drogba, arguably Mourinho’s biggest fan. The Ivorian hit man has stated publicly after the dismissal of Luiz Felipe Scolari that he will DEFINITELY stay at Chelsea beyond the end of this season Drogba said: “ I am extremely happy at Chelsea and everyone here, my family love it and we definitely want to be here in the future, if they were to offer me a new deal I would stay” a change of tune from a striker who seemed to be all but out the door under Scolari. Drogba, 31, has made it no secret he wants to work with Mourinho again, so either Drogba has to go to Inter, which by this statement is certainly not going to happen due to Didier’s commitment to the club and the fans he shares a mutual “Love” with, so there is only one other way right? Yes, for Mourinho to go to Chelsea. For now Chelsea will try to conquer Europe with Guus at the helm which is what Chelsea need to concentrate on NOW, but it is without doubt that everyone will be in for a shock come the summer, mark my words.
Luke Stone



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