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Players celebrating goals against old clubs, it seems to be a matter of opinion.

Stuart Fleetwood, striker currently for Luton but formally of Hereford United, was quoted in THE HEREFORD TIMES yesterday that if he got to play against his old team today, not only would he be happy to score but would show how happy he was.
“Of course I will celebrate if I score. I am striker and that’s my job…I will always celebrate a goal regardless of the opposition.”
But on the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo put Manchester United out of the Champion`s League with his goal mid-week, but was gracious to the fans of his previous club which made him a household name by not celebrating, it does seem to show that some players are nostalgic and respectful for their former teams; where others just don`t see it that way.
In the Everton / Wigan FA Cup game today there was another example, Callum McManaman, who was an Everton Youth team player, scored with a brilliant run and strike which gave Wigan their second goal and their first time in the club`s history to be in the bag for the last four of the FA Cup.
His goal stuck another nail in the trophy less coffin of David Moyes` team today and may have poured more misery onto his boyhood team as I am sure players like Fellaini must now be looking at the exit door, especially after being booed off during his substitution as well.
Though the troubles of his former club seemed to have of no effect to him compared to going to the Semi-finals at Wembley,
“It is a dream come true, I am made up to get through… it is unbelievable and it will be a dream to play at Wembley”, he was quoted as saying on Mail Online.
With the look at this week`s examples maybe Cristiano Ronaldo`s gesture is in the minority, which to some may be seen to be right as player`s current wage payers should be their priority, but some may say players should take it into account where they have come from; even just a little.
But in the beautiful game, where results are the mistress all teams really crave, one thing is clear; alls fair in love and Football.

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