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Portsmouth: Pompey Fans Should Worry About Basini

Portsmouth are one of the unluckiest teams in English football, for a club so well supported and loved by it’s fans, it’s been hit really hard by some bad boardroom mistakes.

They have done relatively well in League One so far, securing two points out of nine and being tipped heavily for relegation. With Chainrai wanting out of the club they are currently looking for a good fit for taking the club out of the tough times its facing.

Managing to get ten players in on one month contracts or emergency loans, the club are lucky enough to be competing in this level without dropping points and facing fines by forfeiting games.

Now the fans want to buy the club and are facing competition from Laurence Basini, former owner of Watford FC, who I support.

A few months ago he was selling Watford to the Italian multi-club owning family, the Pozzo’s. During the change of ownership there was a lot of talk from Basini, who before would not talk to the fans in press conferences, and failed to pay off bonds.

First off, he said that he was looking to sell to the Pozzo’s, this was viewed by the fans with excitement and the club was finally looking forward to the future.

A few days later, however, he said the deal was off, as the Pozzo’s did not have the money to support the club, which with them owning Udinese and Grenada looked very unlikely. The statement was then retracted and contradicted on the club website, saying that the deal was more than on and was soon to be completed. One of his own staff would not give him the keys for the safe of the club, if this doesn’t show he is untrustworthy I don’t know what does!

The following days, it seemed like he had thrown the dummy out of his pram, telling the press that he thought that the fans had not given him a chance, after 1 and a half years and not once speaking to the fans at a club conference.

He then followed this up by saying that he wanted to spend some more time with his family and his daughter especially, and that owning a football club was taking up too much time.

The deal was finalised in June for around 14 million pounds, and the Pozzo’s then took charge of Watford. Soon the real facts behind Bas came out. He had left the club in some serious debt, and the club was left close to administration.

I can count on one hand what he did well for the club, a new pitch and Sean Dyche’s appointment at the helm for the 11/12 season.

All I can say is that from experience as a Watford fan, let’s hope that the fan’s do  get their way and buy the club themselves rather than letting Basini take charge.

I have great respect for the fan’s of Pompey, and they shouldn’t be burdened further with Basini.

That’s it from me today

Until next time guys.

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