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Premier League’s Home Grown Rule

Kaizer Chiefs v Manchester United - Vodacom Challenge

The Premier League earlier this year introduced the much anticipated home grown player rule. This rule consists of a squad cap of twenty five players and eight of these must be home grown.

 Starting from the 2010-11 season, all premier league clubs have agreed to have a squad cap of twenty five with eight these known as ‘home grown’. A home grown player is defined as a player who has been registered with either the English Football Association or the Football Association of Wales for a period of thirty six months prior to his twenty first birthday. This is regardless of the player’s age or nationality. A team’s squad will need to be submitted by the end of August when the summer transfer window shuts and the team are unable to change their squad of twenty five until the closure of the January transfer window.

This is new rule is determined to try get teams to invest in their youth system more. The chairman of the Premier League Richard Scudamore also believes that this new ruling will not only improve the Premier League, it will also improve the England squad with young new talent of which may not have been found otherwise.

Not only are there new rules to do with the players, the Premier League have also implemented new financial regulations. These regulations are as followed:

Clubs must submit independently audited accounts to the Premier League by 1st March each year with requirements to note any material qualifications or issues raised by auditors; Clubs must submit future financial information to the Premier League by 31 March each year as early warning for any club taking undue financial risk; An annual requirement to demonstrate to the Premier League Board that a club does not have outstanding debts to other clubs; An annual requirement to demonstrate to the Premier League Board that a club is not in debt with regard to income tax or National Insurance and payroll taxes.

This rule is a well thought out encouragement for teams to field their own players produced through their own academies from a young age. That is the way to help English football.

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