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Premier League Success Has Little or Nothing to do With English Talent

Ok to begin with I need to let you know that Im a Scotsman, and a very proud one, but something I’m able to do is produce a balanced view and synopsis.

Obviously the SPL isn’t exactly the greatest standard from what it once was, if you look up one of my previous articles reinvention is something the SPL is crying out for.

However, when it comes to English football, is there actually such a thing any more?

The excitement is unparalleled there is no question of this, the pace that most of the matches are played at hardly gives you time to breath, but the core of statistics shown from last season tell a unsettling tale.

Among the top 20 goal scorers last season only 6 were English

The top five coaches last season only one was of English persuasion

The official actim team of the season 2009/10 consists of only three Englishmen

The premiership itself boasts wealth and talent, but this is spent and illustrated by more that 50% non Englishman, so is the Premiership now selling a false identity?

I’m sure you are bored of it so I will be quick, the World Cup, Mr Capello brags an astonishing record, as you well know, but the exemplification of English arrogance and self importance during South Africa 2010 by the players and the grotesque machine that is the British media, have in turn suggested that the man management skills that have served the national coach so well, are suddenly no good for the talent-less oafs that carried the weight of expectation during their ill fated outing – As if to say, “how dare you come here and change our traditions and ways!”

The players themselves suggested tiredness played a major part in the downfall, but as proven the German team played 10 maybe 12 more games than their English opposite number and they are all walking home with a bronze medal to add to their already sizable trophy cabinet.

A handful believe that English football needs reinvention, that the pacey physical approach should be transformed, fitness regimes revamped and a more scientific and meticulous application should be implemented, but do such drastic measures need to be taken?

So I must ask you, when you watch the premiership – agreed it is a very exciting league – but do you call it the “English” Premiership…

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