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Arsenal – Time to Let Fabregas Go?

Same old story for Arsenal, so near and yet so far. The squad has been scrutinised by all walks of life trying to get the definitive answer to how arsenal manage to make their campaigns past and present go tits up in such spectacular fashion, although being put out of three competitions in the space of two weeks couldn’t have been easy to take, the answer still remains elusive.

The general opinion is that big spending will provide the answer, which is the typical and trendy solution with regards to the Premier League, usually given by the type of pundits that say that Gareth Bale is just as good as Messi.

On the subject of Cesc, Fabregas has become the most important player for Arsenal, but in my opinion he is the answer. Recall the scenario of Thierry Henry, he had become more important than Arsenal, the subject of constant speculation about where he was going to go who he was going to play for, and when those questions where answered and Henry moved onto the Catalans which subsequently made everything about arsenal instead of just Thierry. This event gave the rising stars the opportunity to take centre stage, then came Cesc.
So this bring us to the ultimate question – is it time for Cesc to go and allow a period of refreshment to take place?



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