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Purely new tactics?

Can they play together for the first time? Looks like they can, and that against the strongest! Ivan will be left, on Kranjčar’s position, Niko will play second striker behind Olić, and Petrić will wait his moment on the bench.

Ivan i Nane

Slaven Bilić didn’t want to reveal the squad against Germany  until the last moment, and now it’s clear why. Until the last training session Nane was thinking how to inspirit the stuck midfield and make Vatreni to play football again.

If he succeed, the idea which he’ll put in act should totally astonish the fans who have the tickets for Klagenfurt.

Luka and Nane

For the first time in chequered jersey, against always strong Germans, we will watch trio fantastikus – Luka Modrić, Ivan Rakitić and Niko Kranjčar.

Although this scenario wasn’t officially confirmed, the most popular Croat has dreamed of an attacking formation with Kranjčar as the second striker, in front of who should be sprinting only one striker – Ivica Olić. On Niko’s place he imagined Rakitić, and a bit behind him Modrić, who should, with loads of short passes towards forward and the captain Kovač holding his backs, benumb the strong German midfield.

With this move, Nane has secured few trumps in aliving the game, at least on paper. Before all, psyhicaly and mentally ready Rakitić could be a better help to Pranjić in stopping Lahm than Kranjčar. In that case, there are also more attacking options in the middle and on the wing on which was leaking against Austria.

Nane and ÄŒarli

Rakitić can play equally good at both, left and right side, he knows how to keep and how to smartly pass the ball, what we missed the most against Austria, and in Schalke he showed how fast and precise he can switch the sides, and put the striker in a dead chance or shot towards the goal.

In the new attacking rhombus which Bilićć is planning to try out against Germans, Ivica Olić would be the only outpost striker, and behind him, with less defensive responsibility, would be bombarding and heating Niko,while Luka Modrić would be ballasting the Croatian attack from the background to the left side and with that, opening the space for Darijo Srna and his dreamy shadow Vedran Ćorluka.


This is a brave plan which undoubtedly confirms the atmosphere from the Croatian camp in the last few days, which was the result of the bad game against Austria and the scept of the public. Bilić put it all in one sentence: “The team which beats Germany, has every right to think of the European champions title”

The same thought was repeated by Robert Prosinečki in interview published on the official sites of UEFA, which means that the whole sombre Croatian squadron feels that it’s the last moment for bombarding with football.

The weathermen announced rain, and Bilić that it’s time for dance. So, let’s dance!

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