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Real Madrid’s Mourinho is not the problem

Real Madrid’s season went from bad to worse as they drew at home to Espanyol last night. This caused many outbursts in fans suggesting that Mourinho is the reason for this terrible performance. Mourinho himself stated that the race for the Liga title seems almost impossible at this point while vice-captain Sergio Ramos disagreed saying “It would be a mistake to throw away La Liga at this stage of the season”. Iker Casillas showed his disappointment by taking the blame for their bad performance saying “there’s no need to blame the defenders only, I’m also to blame”. Despite players admitting that it was their performance that let them down, the fans still blame Mourinho.

What they don’t understand is that Mourinho trains his players in the best possible way. He makes sure they are in their best form. It is not his fault if his players are not on the same page as he is. Some players like Di Maria have not been putting much effort into the game. Not to forget that he did exceptionally well last night. On the other side there are some players that are going out of their way to help the team. Ronaldo is a good example. He has been in an excellent form this year despite his team’s bad performance. Ozil is another one. Although he started off a bit shaky, he went on to help the team tremendously. Benzema is a third example, he seemed to have been enjoying every game with at least one goal.

Even though Higuain’s injury has affected the team, Benzema did his best to cover up for him. So here you have some players that are giving their %100 and then you get those that are not. It all depends on the players. Mourinho can train them, shout at them, advice them but he has no control over what they players do when on the pitch. All he can do is direct them and remind them to correct their mistakes.

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