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Robin van Persie: Gains and Losses for both Arsenal & Manchester United

It was recently announced that Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie would sign for rivals Manchester United. However I believe this deal is poorly thought through and based on the one good season Van Persie has had.

Firstly, Manchester United’s debt.
I recently read an article with the headline “If Manchester United shares get any lower, expect Glazers to grab first chance of an exit”, in this piece this statistic was brought up ‘At $5 a share, Man U is worth about £510m, which compares with debt of towards £400m.’. In an effort to erase some of this debt Glazers sold ~10% of shares at $14 raising $233m (£150m). This money was set to lower United’s debt to ~£250m however has mostly been used to buy Van Persie and pay him each week. First of all, the transfer fee: £24 million. Second, his weekly raises of ~£230,000 per week which is ~£11,960,000 per annum. This means that if Van Persie stayed for the full 4 years of his new contract this would earn him ~£47,840,000. That’s right, nearly £50 million! Obviously the 29 year old striker would have no resale value which means Van Persie would cost a total of £71,840,000 not including additions in his contract such as his appearance fees.
I imagine that Glazers would be very pleased to see their effort to reduce debt only bring in a net change of ~£78m… or not. On the upside of course The Red Devils get their hands on injury riddled 29 year old 2011/12 top scorer Robin van Persie.

In my personal life I think it’s well documented that I am a die hard Arsenal fan so all of this could be taken as the bitter rantings of a disappointed fan. Which leads to me the second half of this article…

Arsenal fans still can’t quite believe they’ll be seeing Van Persie in a Manchester United shirt

Arsenal’s loss and gains Apart from an extra £24m to add to Arsenal’s growing profits and a reduced wage bill there doesn’t seem to much in it for the Gunners. Van Persie scored a grand total of 37 goals and made 15 assist in all competitions, his best season since arriving at the North London club in 2004 for £2.75m. Having injury problems throughout his Arsenal career he has failed to be consisted and live up to expectations other than last season and the back of 10/11. Van Persie’s injuries include:
2004-05: Season cut short by an ankle injury in February after spending time out with two sprained ankles.
2005-06: Suffered a knee injury, and two more ankle injuries.
2006-07: Suffered a hip injury followed by a metatarsal fracture then another knee injury before suffering a thigh muscle strain.
2007-08: Suffered three thigh muscle strains in quick succession in January.
2008-09: Ankle injury to start the season followed by a hamstring injury and several of groin strains.
2009-10: A knee injury in September followed by a sprained ankle. Suffered torn ligaments and missed five months of the campaign only to return in April to feature in the last few games.
2010-11: Another early ankle injury suffered in August kept him out until November. He caught flu in February as well as pulling a hamstring and then injuring his knee.
2011-2012: Robin’s most injury-free season since he signed for Arsenal, he picked up the early ankle injury again in August then had an injury free run until he picked up a groin strain in February.

Seems like a miracle he’s still walking really. However Wenger must have seen him a very special talent to have not shipped him out earlier. Several players such as predicted future captain Thomas Vermaelen and ex-captain Cesc Fabregas saying they are disappointed and shocked respectively, Fabregas being the latter shared this on Twitter while Vermaelen expressed himself in a Sky Sports interview. However “the Verminator” also stated that Arsenal still have the quality in recenty signings of Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla and have already more than filled the void.

So there we have it. The stats behind the deal and the sacrifices made by both teams for this talented striker.

written by Harry Cochrane.
share your opinion of anything with me on twitter @LeCochSportif or just because I’m a bit witty.



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