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Roma vs Man Utd: Security measures

Roma police hitting Man Utd fans

Today, Manchester United have sent a delegation, led by club secretary Ken Ramsden, to Roma to discuss and implement strict security measures ahead of the clubs’ Champions League quarter final clash. Last season’s match was stained by violent episodes, both inside and outside the stadium, which led to several injuries to Manchester United fans. Fans inside the stadium were hit harshly and haphazardly by Italian riot police who were clearly unable to control the situation calmly. Twelve Manchester United fans were wounded outside the Stadio Olimpico and taken to hospital.

This lack of security in Roma worried fans of Man Utd who were thinking about attending the quarter-final match. Now, Manchester United are attempting to right the wrongs and arrange for pre-planned proper security measures at Roma when the team and fans travel for the match. Manchester United are offering to take their own stewards for the match and also have the presence of Greater Manchester Police in Rome for the game. These will accompany UEFA-appointed high-ranked officials for the match, in a bid to remove any security flaws that might happen again this season.

Manchester United are appealing, through their website and media, to their travelling fans to be very careful and to follow orders coming from the administration. There will be special arrangements to take the English supporters to the Stadio Olimpico in one batch, in order to have more control over the situation. Hopefully, these security measures will ensure the well-being of all supporters that pay money to watch a good game of football, without ending up in hospital due to defects in Roma’s security.

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