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Srna: I haven’t got out from house for three days


The defeat at Prater was unexpected and painful. Soar taste will stay for a long time in fans’ but also in players’ mouth. Darijo Srna passed through that unlucky Friday extra emotionally.

“I haven’t got out from house for three days. Every minute, every second I think of what has happened in Vienna. And I can’t stop sorrowing, I just can’t”, said Srna.


Hard 90 minutes without change of the starting result, goal in Turkish net only few seconds before the end of arduous extra time. All out ecstasy. Delirium. Condition probably the closest to the one which can be described as absolute happiness, at least from the perspective of football fan. But also the condition which lasted as long as the chicken of ice on a boiling hot asphalt.

“I’m a big emotional, but I rarely cry. However, in that moment I couldn’t restrain myself, I simply experienced the shock. I’m shaky, who wouldn’t be shaky, we’re all shaky. In only one second we stayed without our dream. I suffered that hard, even now I fell only pain, pain and pain. That falling out hurt me, that hurt me like never anything did. And what’s the worse, it’s not getting easier. As the days go through, it’s even harder and harder.”, admitted Darijo his pain.

Although he thinks he should have been somewhere in Basel on the hardest trainings getting ready for the semi-finals against Germany, the fortune wanted it to be different. Few days of vacation on Neretva, in his native Metković and than return to everyday obligations in Donjeck is what the near future brings.

Still, except that huge sadness for which the cure still doesn’t exist, Darijo admitted that there are reasons to be happy even after that shocking defeat and parting from Euro:

“We can be proud on what we have shown during the competition. And we and our nation. We were perfect. We have that scar which will stay deep in us, but we will comeback better, stronger and more powerful. You’ll see that already in qualifications for the World Cup. We have to do that because our great fans, I love those people. They’ve been encouraging us like nobody ever had anybody. We have to do that because of Slaven and the headquarters, who should be raised monument for, we have to do that because of us.”, said Srna.


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