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Stoke City’s Huth saw red but Pulis was left red faced

Now I’m going to try and stay impartial in this blog because I support Sunderland but off the bat I will say that I thought the red card was harsh for Huth but the way Pulis acted after the game was just pathetic and it really should be him getting some sort of FA reprimand.

I was at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday for Stoke 0-1 Sunderland in what has to be the worst game I’ve ever been too, made better by the result but not by the Huth/Meyler/Pulis situation during the game and after with Pulis’s comments.

At real time I thought that it was a red card because of the way Huth went into the tackle, I saw the challenge at the time as unnecessary and uncontrolled for the appallingly bad weather conditions that were at that time and I thought Martin Atkinson was right to show the red card.

When I got back home I looked back at the challenge because I wanted to see how bad it was and I took back my thoughts from the game and I still saw it as an uncontrolled challenge in bad weather conditions but not with a dangerous amount of contact for it to be seen as a red card offence.

Then I saw what Tony Pulis had said in his Sky Sports interview and BBC Sports interview after the final whistle and I couldn’t help think what a sore loser he was. For him to say in his BBC Sport interview that ‘The player rolls around and stays down’ and ‘The player tries to get him sent off’ are just pathetic comments to make and he really should have been better than that.

The player in question is David Meyler who isn’t a cheat or a player that when he goes out onto the pitch is thinking if someone tackles me, if I roll around on the floor and the referee see’s that I could get that player sent off, not at all. He’s a very honest player and not like a player that you see rolling around on the floor in La Liga.

The Stoke appeal for the Huth red card to be over turned was pointless because it was always going to stay because of the childish behaviour of Pulis after the match, if he had come out and been much more professional in what he was saying the harsh red card would of been over turned but because of Pulis it wasn’t.

So Pulis’s sad comments on Meyler have left him with a red face because he was firstly wrong to make comments like that on an honest player, secondly his mouth has kept Huth’s red card and given him a 3 match ban and thirdly his actions were just stupid, sending that picture into Match of The Day was just sad.

You may think I’m just saying this through Sunderland glasses but I got onto Twitter that Saturday night when Match of The Day was on and showing the highlights of the game to say that the card was harsh but if I was a Stoke fan I would have been embarrassed of what Pulis had said after the game.

A Stoke fan got back to me and said he agreed with me and added ‘I thought it was a bit hypocritical. He hates personal attacks on his own players but then does the same.’ So Pulis can’t have it both ways.

Freedom of speech is something I believe in and I think managers should do more of but only if they think about what they’re saying and don’t act and look stupid. More managers should learn from the actions of Pulis that you open your mouth to make stupid comments the FA will take that more into consideration that the tackle itself and it will be the manager on the end of a ban from the FA.

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