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The entire world crashed down

 With their heads down and with tears in their eyes, it was hard for Bilić’s players to find the words.”This is a huge misery”, said ÄŒarli. “That goal in last second destroyed us”, added Luka.

Plete and ÄŒarli
Plete and ÄŒarli in hug after Killer’s goal

They were coming out from the dressing room with a heavy step, they were barely even moving, it could be seen how hard is it for them. Some of them, like Niko Kranjčar, Darijo Srna and Ivica Olić couldn’t even talk of sadness and frustration. Luka Modrić found the strenght for a short comment:

“I don’t know what to say, we’re all broken. We played a great game, we were better, but the goal in the last minutes of extra time destroyed us. After that we couldn’t recover”, said player who is now heading towards his obligations in his new club Tottenham.

Although, together with Mladen Petrić and Ivan Rakitić, he missed the penalty, Luka provided an excellent game, but it will be tagged with that miss.

“We had it all in our hands, when we scored I thought that it’s all over, but the Turks came back after all”, said the architect of Croatian game.

Sadness and desperateness wasn’t hiding Vedran Ćorluka:

“This is a huge misery, I can’t believe in which way we went out”, was the only thing what defender of Manchester City managed to talk out.


Stipe Pletikosa have been saving great during the 120 minutes, but that wasn’t enough. The lottery of the penalty shootout went on the Turkish side.

“The team is broken, we are mentally destroyed. I don’t believe how the Turks, for the third match in a row, came back from the dead. I don’t know what to say, thanks to the fans”, said Plete, who won’t have too much time for grieve because he must be with his club Spartak Moscow on 6th July.

Josip Å imunić also said only few words: “This is the hardest moment in my career.We gave all from ourselves, we were better and we should’ve go to the semi-final”.

Ivan Klasnić almost became the hero of the match. His goal opened the doors of the semi-final for us, but the happiness lasted shortly:

“What to say after this defeat. We are sad and disappointed. When I scored I thought that it’s all over. I’m sad because we should’ve play in final”, said Killer.

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