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Croatia in shock

Nane and Srna
Myriad of sore and sadness…

In the moments when there was nothing left to say, and when Croatia has already passed through the biggest tragedy on Euro, the coach Slaven Bilić had a smile on his face, a smile which was saying more than words. Luck abandon shady Croatian faith and ran away on the far East.

The Turks haven’t created a real chance in 120 minutes, and than froze the hearts among the Croatia in less than sixty seconds.

“I’d like to congratulate and ours and Turks on one great match. Because of this football is the most dramatical sport in the world”, started Nane the sad story after missed semi-final in which will play Turkey and Germany on 25th June.

Vatreni were, after numerous chances and three missed penalties, crying broken-hearted, and so were the colons of sombre fans in Vienna, Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek…all around Croatia and world.

“If we won,the Turks would say that we were lucky. But what a goal guy scored in the last second! I have nothing to criticize to my players, they are heroes, they were phenomenal, they are heroes”, repeated Nane after the game and described the last act of drama in which Modrić, Rakitić and Petrić failed to score from the 11-meters spot.

“The penalties were shot by the most sure players, who wanted to do it. The drop of concentration happened. Even the greatest players, like Roberto Baggio and others on the World Cup, experienced that. It’s a panic and twitch in legs, a normal thing”, concluded coach.

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