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The punishments in Austrian team

The coach of Austrian national team, Josef Hickersberger, decided to punish his first striker Roland Linz because he was late for meeting. And for the same reason was punished another player – Martin Stranzl.

Josef Hickersberger

The secondary coach, Andreas Herzog, still claims that in the Austrian camp in Stegersbachu everything goes towards the plans and the atmosphere is all right. “It was about a smaller violation which shouldn’t be dramatized, and the reason why our coach has punished him is to give the example to other players”, said Herzog who confirmed that Linz was punished because he overslept the morning meeting.

Allegedly, Linz’s  alarm-clock didn’t ring, and Stranzl wounded his too late.  The situation in Austrian camp is tense, and numerous Austrian medias are writing about the lack of discipline.

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