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Top 10 EVER Manchester City Players – No. 3

This blog is designed to choose the greatest ever Manchester City player in my opinion (remember I am only young!). I shall publish one of these every now and again until finally we reach the best player ever to have embraced Maine Road or The City of Manchester Stadium!


NUMBER 3 >>>






Georgi Kinkladze

1995- 1998, 121 appearances, 22 outrageous goals!





Kinky was one of the greatest players to ever wear the sky blue jersey and in many ways he’s the definitive Premiership cult hero – in other words, he didn’t win anything but that didn’t matter because he played the game in a thrilling, wildly inconsistent manner which endeared him to all City fans in that era. For every player with a cabinet full of trophies, there’s a Giorgi Kinkladze. The Georgian midfielder arrived in 1995 some may argue that it is the best money the club ever spent.

He went on to dazzle the City faithful with a series of breathtaking displays. Despite his wonderful skills, he couldn’t single-handedly stop the Blues from being relegated, but by then, due to his time in Manchester, he was perhaps the most coveted player in Europe. Often it took up to three players to mark this Georgian genius. Their aims were to stop Kinkladze by any means possible. Often hacked and bullied, he came back for more and always displayed the fighting spirit, similar to SWP. He got knocked down, but he got up again.

His mesmeric talents were probably more suited to La Liga but his heart made him stay at City for a few more seasons until we were relegated to Division 2. He was one of the most entertaining players I have seen, he would move quicker on the ball than Ian Bishops hair would in a hurricane. If you wanted spectacular, ‘Goal of the Season’ screamers, Kinky was your man. He didn’t do tap-ins. It seemed like he was only capable of scoring from 35 yards out or with a stunning curling effort from just outside the box!

His story is not all good though, Joe Royale got rid of him as he thought he had an unhealthy influence on games and from that moment, his career really disintegrated right before our very eyes. In my eyes a true legend and oh so versatile, hence he gets my number three spot!



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