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Top Drog: Form is temporary class in permanent

They say every Drog has his day correct? Well Didier Drogba was overdue. With Scolari out of the frame and Hiddink on side one could think Didier Drogba could well be back on the road to striker stardom. The powerful Ivorian has just slotted in his ninth goal in ten games under Hiddink in the FA Cup semi final against Arsenal and Drogba has suddenly sprung to life, as have Chelsea. As well as a cup final against Everton, Chelsea have the opportunity to avenge last seasons Moscow misery and win the Champions League for the first time in the clubs history, one man could be the catalyst for such events, Drogba. The man every opposing fan loves to hate, Drogba can only be admired when he is in the form he is in at this moment. When Drogba turns up you ask yourself is there a defender in the world who can stop him? Many have tried and nearly all have failed.

Everything Guus Hiddink touches seems to turn to gold, but Drogba was just a sleeping giant. There is no secret behind the success claims Drogba, all Hiddink asked him to do was “play” and play Drogba has. With such a mixed time in England from wanted to leave and now wanting to stay it seems almost natural for Drogba to act controversial, it is a trait that comes with such a big personality. As good as Nicolas Anelka is being joint top Premier League goal scorer along side the at times faultless Cristiano Ronaldo , he can only hope for a place on the wings as Drogba has regained control of his own striking position, sinking Liverpool and Arsenal in the process. The attention now turns to a game in Barcelona where Chelsea face the biggest test of all. However is it really such a task to ask Drogba to wreak havoc in a very fragile Barca defence? The answer simply, is no. The spotlight will be on Messi, Xavi, Eto’o and Henry but don’t rule out a potential super shock at the Nou Camp. Drogba is more than capable of sending Barca out in the first leg, just like he did against Liverpool with a helping hand from Ivanovic.

Simple math come into play with the remainder of Chelsea’s season, Three, two, one or none? The number of trophies depend heavily on how well Drogba performs in these “big games” for Chelsea. It is certainly squeaky bum time, as one great Scot would say. Big game players have reputations for a reason and Drogba most certainly has his big game reputation for a reason, just ask Rafa Benitez or Arsene Wenger. No pressure then, Didier?



(Sorry I have been away something big came up in my life but I hope to be back on here and posting as much as possible)

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