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Tragedy in Vienna

After the hard battle, Bilić’s players were at the doorstep of Heaven. In 119th minute Klasnić scored for lead and semi final, but already in the next action Turks carved out the roulette of penalties.

As some announcements were saying, the Turks entered the match pretty aggressively and in the starting minutes had the constant possession of the ball. The only result of that was one shot from Altintop from distance, but that shot was blocked by Niko Kovač.

After 15 minutes Croatia finally started playing like Croatia, and already in 19th minute could took a lead. The great action of midfield was continued by Modrić, who entered Turkish penalty box, nicely found Olić, who hit the bar. The ball flicked to Kranjčar, but his shot went over the goal.

Srna couldn’t believe what Olić missed

In 21st minute Rakitić pushed the ball for Pranjić, but his cross was blocked by Turkish defense. Somewhat later Kranjčar’s cross for Olić finished in hands of Rüstu Reçber, Turkish goalkeeper. The only yellow card in the first half got Topal in 27th minute because of one uncarefull start on older Kovač.

Kovač and Bilić

In the finish of the first half, Turks mastered the field again. In one situation Å imunić beat down Tuncay in Croatian penalty box, but luckily , Rosetti stayed quiet. The only concrete Turkish chance happened in the 38th minute when Topal’s shot went near the post.

Great atmosphere at Ernst Happel was momentary ruined by the mutual fight of Croatian fans who were placed in the yellow sector. Ten persons were involved, but there was no need for police intervention as it finished quickly.


In one moment there was a verbal conflict between two coaches, Slaven Bilić and Fatih Terim. Turkish coach was constantly protesting against referee’s decisions during the first half, and in one moment Bilić showed him with hands to calm down because there was a foul. That made Terim mad who went outside his area towards Bilić, but their contact was prevented by the fourth referee, Spaniard Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez.

Olić in chance
Olić in chance, but unfortunately alone…

At the beginning of the second half Olić cooked up promising situation, but he was alone among the Turks. In the 52nd minute Ćorluka found Rakitić, but Schalke’s midfielder went too much on the left side and carved out only a corner kick. Croatia again started playing pass by pass and the result of that was Kranjčar’s half-chance, who unfortunately shot straight at goalkeeper.

no words
…no words…

In the 64th minute Bilić recalled his first ‘chess figure’ out of the game, it was Kranjčar, who ran the most in the first half, and sent Petrić in. In the 70th minute Croatian players brought out futsal action. Petrić pushed Rakitić in a shot chance with double pass, but he was obstructed in the last moment before the shoot. Two minutes later Pranjić and Rakitić played out Turkish defense, cross in front of Turkish goal was next, but Olić’s shoot with head went near the post.

Niko Kovač

In the finish of the regular part Croatia had a free kick. A wonderful attempt of Srna was even more wonderfully saved by Turkish goalkeeper Reçber. In the 89th minute came a counter attack of Bilić’s chosen ones, and Rakitić’s shot was blocked by AÅŸik. Right than, in the next minute Modrić broke the right side, threw in the middle, but Olić’s attempt finished in the hands of goalkeeper.


Evidently better Vatreni had two more chances before the end of 90 minutes. Srna’s free kick was barely saved by Reçber, and Olić’s shot from the edge of penalty box went over the bar. At the start of the extra time both teams were mainly saving the access towards their goals. In the 97th minute Bilić took out relentless runner Olić and sent in Ivan Klasnić.

come on
Oh,God, why it doesn’t want to come in?

In the 99th minute Semih took a powerful shot, but it went over the bar. At the end of the second part of the extra time Modrić was staunch, he stole one ball, crossed for Klasnić, who scored with a header. Unfortunatel, that wasn0t enough for triumph of the Croats because Semih battened the ball in Croatian fork in the 122nd minute and brought Turkey the penalty shootout.

From the highest stars to the deepest gulf; the last minutes of our nightmare:


Only sore and sadness (on our side), but fans stayed truthful:




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