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Uruguay’s Luis Suarez: Exploring the angles – A lot to get your teeth into!

Luis Suarez has really given people a lot to sink their teeth into over the last few years, but this is a drama that will certainly not go away. Many people will have different thoughts and feelings about the incident that occurred in the clash between Uruguay and Italy, here are just a few different points of view;

The Psychologists: This season with Liverpool, Luis Suarez had regular access to Dr Steve Peters, he did not accumulate a single red card! Whilst Uruguay admirably dealt with his physical injury, their failure to mentally prepare him for the tournament could cost them dearly. This incident will add further justification for the increasing investment in sports psychology. What did actually concern me was  ITV’s coverage of the incident. Not only did Ian Wright look nervous at suggesting a player has a ‘problem and needs help’, but most worrying for me was that his thoughts were greeted with some laughter. Unfortunately, this does highlight that although views on mental health are changing for the better, many people are sceptical and there are clearly barriers that are needed to be overcome.

Sepp Blatter: With the likes of Neymar and Robben dazzling on the pitch, Sepp Blatter has found himself in the unusual position of temporarily not being centre stage. There have been controversies off-the-pitch that have somewhat threatened to become front page stories, but the action on the pitch has kept the public happy! Sepp Blatter will now be thrust back into the headlights, and his every move will be scrutinized when dealing with the Suarez situation. This is attention that Blatter will not have wanted! Although it could provide him an opportunity to win some people over by making an example out of Suarez, whichever course of action he takes will undoubtedly be criticised.

Uruguay: The easiest way to explain the feelings in Uruguay would be to remember the Beckham incident in 1998! Will he receive abuse when they get knocked out? Yes. Will there be calls for him never to play for the national team again? Yes. Will he be able to make his way back from this? Yes.

Brendan Rodgers: Firstly, I think he will be bemused by the situation. I think he will be frustrated because he knows that he will have to spend the majority of the next few months talking about Luis Suarez, with added pressure being placed on him by some stakeholders to sell his best player. If he is sold, Liverpool will receive a reduced price for him, and if he is not sold there will be added pressure on him and his Liverpool teammates next season. One view is that some inside Liverpool might actually be secretly happy that Real Madrid and Barcelona are likely to terminate their attempts to sign the controversial striker.  Rodgers will need to be calculated in his approach when dealing with Suarez, because although he is their best asset on the pitch, he is seriously damaging the brand of Liverpool Football Club.

Parents: I expect there to be ‘biting incidents’ in playgrounds across the world over the next couple of weeks, as the old saying goes ‘monkey see, monkey do’.  Parents will be angry at seeing a potential role model exhibiting such negative deviance, and will be quick to ensure that their children understand that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

Finally, what Luis Suarez is feeling at this present time is anybody’s guess. It goes without saying that he will be frustrated and angry, but his brain will definitely be a very confusing place for the next couple of weeks.

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