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West Ham vs Hull – My View

My Team:


Faubert                                        Upson                                       Collins                                                 Ilunga

Behrami                                       Parker                                       Noble                                                Collison

                                                    Nsereko                             Cole

Key Battles:

Scott Parker v Jimmy Bullard

Scotty will have a tough job to contain the hungry Jimmy Bullard but I think he can do it but maybe his attacking skills will be put on hold today for a time. Both players involved this transfer window with one of them moving club and the other staying though strongly linked with other clubs means that they are both highly regarded by managers around the country and so this match up will be interesting and a great one to watch in action.

Valon Behrami v Geovanni

Both love to get forward but I think that Geovanni will have to try and tame Behrami rather than the other way around. The impossibly hard working Behrami has been in top form of late and Geovanni has not really been i nthe headlines as much as he has been in the past so I think that this will be a good match-up but I can see Behrami winning this one.

Carlton Cole + Savio Nsereko v All Hull Defenders

The most in form striker of the premier league is feared by everyone at the moment and so it will not only be Turner that will be trying to contain him it will be the whole defence trying. Combined with the youthful one on one specialist i think this pairing could be deadly, not only tonight but in matches to come.

Savio Nsereko on his way to Player of the tournament a the Under 20’s European Championship.Valon Behrami has been in sensational form for the Irons of late.



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