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What Niko and Luka said…

“Before all, this victory means a lot to me. Thank God we’ve played this well because people criticized us a lot after Austria and that’s why we started the match with loads of motive to show that that was just a bad day. We’ve proved we are a right team when it’s the most important. I’m pronounced the man of the match, but that could be anybody today”, said Luka Modrić after the splendid game and added that now, it will be a lot easier.

Croatia has mathematically secured the quarter-finals after the draw between Austria and Poland, but Luka sensed that even before the second match: “We’ve secured the second round and that’s the most important. We haven’t flew now because we have to give everything from ourselves in every game and I don’t believe there will be relaxing.”

Cheerful was also Joe Å imunić, he has fulfill his obligation to the fans. “We have promised that we will play better and now we’ve showed that we can even against the greatest, and Germany is one of them. Everybody gave the best from themselves and for that every honor and to the boys and the headquarters and everybody.This is miracle!”

Absolutely wonderful played and Niko Kranjčar, he was stealing balls from Germans, had the most kilometers ran at the half-time, besides that he was perfectly passing to his teammates and had two great volley-shots with which he froze German fans, and stopped the breath to everybody in Croatia.

“We knew that we’re the strongest when it’s the most needed. The first match was the hardest, and in this second we overplayed Germans in every segment of the game.You know what, we have showed that we have a team that can play with everybody”, simply concluded Niko who looks thiner and thiner after every match. Bilić set him right behind Olić, and Niko was more than satisfied. Only that those two shots came into the goal…

“That place behind the striker fits me great. I’m sorry I haven’t scored,but we played perfectly. We made a pressure on their back line, and me and Olić, and I really can’t remember any better their chance except that goal they scored. We overplayed them in every segment”, said Niko.


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