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Crazy statistics…


We’ve proved to entire world that our team, together with Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, plays the most beautiful football on the Euro, but what is with the real possibilities of the Vatreni in the competition which preoccupied the whole Europe.

The calculation of everybody who enjoyed him(her)self with a draw comes to the same thing: road to the semi-finals is wide open and further, everything is possible.

According to the theories of the streets which are talked over in the markets and at hairdresser’s, the Bilić boys should knockout Czech Republic or Turkey, and then leave the heart on the field against Portugal or Germany in the semi-finals. This is what the street says, but even the bravest aren’t brave enough to talk audibly about the finale. That would be too nervily.

Meanwhile, the problem which couldn’t be solved in talks on the streets, came to the hands of the foreign statisticians, and the result was shocking.

On Euro 2008 will win Croatia, for which exist exactly ten reasons:

1. Austria and Switzerland won’t win because only one of the last nine hosts succeed in it.

2. Poland, see you next time. Why? The last eight winners took part in the previous tournaments, which means that Poland is – out.

3.Greece, did you know that European champion has never defend the title? Good bye.

4.Portugal maybe does play excellent, but looks like they aren’t aware that only Germany managed to take the European title after being defeated four years before in the finals.

5.France shouldn’t even arrive at Euro because the defeated one in the World Cup finale has never won the following Euro.

6.In the 6th round of the statistic hell we’ll get rid of Czech Republic and dangerous the Netherlands at once, because the defeated semi-finalists only once won the title on the next Euro.

7.Spain maybe does have the best counter attack, well, and the best team on the Euro, but they haven’t seen even the semi-finals for 24 years.

8.Italy also has small chances because only once the World champion became and the European champion. Arrivederci!

9.Russia, Romania, Sweden and Turkey have the biggest misfortune when the statistics is in question. Why? Well, the last six winners of Euro, watching their English names, have the beginning letter in the first eight letters of the alphabet (France, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece) and so does Croatia…

10.Germany is left for the end, because they wasted their chance in the qualifications when they didn’t finish first in qualifying group. Only one representation in history won Euro as the second from qualifications. It was Denmark in 1992 when they got their spot instead of Yugoslavia.

It’s clear as daylight, only one representation fulfills all statistic terms to become the European champion…



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