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Where Are Premier League Teams Having Their Pre-Season Tours This Summer?

If you’re looking to catch your favourite Premier League teams on their pre-season tour this summer then there are a few different places you’re going to need to have a look at. With an El Classico pre-season friendly heading over to America, and some of the Premier League teams heading to Asia, Europe and America too, there’s going to be plenty of action to catch wherever you are. If you’re heading out to America to catch your teams then you need to make sure you carry out an ESTA renewal before your trip. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the teams that you may want to catch during their pre-season tour, no matter where you are in the world.

Manchester United – America

Reports have suggested that Jose Mourinho’s men will be heading across the Atlantic in the summer rather than returning to China after their shambolic performance there last summer. United officials went to Los Angeles and checked out the UCLA as they began to firm up their plans. While the conditions were far from ideal according to Mourinho, he did admit that the trip would actually be a necessity in order to enhance the club’s huge support and sponsorship ties across the globe. LA is a favourite pre-season destination for Mourinho, so it’ll be no surprise to see confirmation of this trip for Manchester United this summer.


Jürgen Klopp has reportedly suggested that Liverpool will not travel as much this pre-season, meaning America, China and Australia are all on the cards for the tour of friendlies before the 2017-18 season commences. Liverpool are known to alternate where their season takes place each year, and have been to North America, Asia and Australia in the past three years. However, while there is a short trip to Asia planned (Shanghai and Hong Kong), a training camp in Europe is going to be the option for the club. Klopp has suggested that he does not want to burden his players with a long pre-season of travelling. With no World Cup or Euros in place this summer, it’ll be the perfect time for the club to strengthen their bonds ahead of the season.

Chelsea – China

In January, the Blues confirmed that they will return to Australia to play at the brand new Perth Stadium in 2018, but their 2017-18 pre-season friendlies will see them heading to China alongside Liverpool and other Premier League teams. They released a video featuring Willian, Gary Cahill, Nemanja Matic and Nathan Ake which discussed the club heading to Beijing and playing at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in the build-up to the 2017-18 season.


Everton has been quiet when it comes to knowing where they want to be heading for their pre-season tour this year, and while they have links with America, it is highly likely that the side will be staying in Europe in order to keep the club from travelling so far.


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