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Forgive me for being a pessimist when it comes to the latest Wayne Rooney Saga, but I simply cannot understand the fickle and forgiving nature of the football world! Here you have an outstanding individual footballer, who on his day can make many of the worlds greatest defenders look like an Alsatian chasing a Balloon! However, these days it appears the average professional footballer sees the sport as nothing more than a way of making money and taking advantage. I recall seeing Rooney’s goal against Arsenal back in the day; a goal greeted with hype and excitement from the majority of English football fans and beyond. I would not hesitate to agree with these people, I myself saw an outstanding professional in the making, one that could save England and become one of the greatest Premier League players ever!

As nothing more than a educated football fan, you could be forgiven for thinking ‘Who is this lad, and what does he know?’. I am simply interested in learning the opinions of others in relation to the Wayne Rooney Saga and in a broader context, the attitude of the modern day professional footballer.

Wayne Rooney without question has been an utterly outstanding player for Manchester United since signing back in 2004. 92 Goals in 193 Games (according to our good friend Wikipedia) speaks for itself. A simply remarkable goal scoring record like Rooney’s is one that forms simply a dream for many. Similarly, an outstanding International record matches that of his Club record.

So what has gone wrong? According to pundits of the footballing world, a players often reaches his/her peak in their late 20’s, but forgive me for thinking that at the age of 25 we may have seen the best of Wayne Rooney. A private life filled with controversy and talking points has undoubtedly effected Rooney on the pitch. Far be it from me to discuss the ins and outs of each incident, suffice to say that the millions of viewers worldwide are watching Rooney in confusion and perhaps anger at the current time.

Then, after a string of poor performances we have Rooney suggesting he doesn’t want to play for the club anymore, that perhaps the lack of ambition at the club has encouraged him to seek pastures new! Sure enough, two days later and we are discussing a new 5-year contract! Are/Should United fans be forgiving!?

Is there more to Wayne Rooney’s new contract than meets the eye?

Is this the plight on the modern professional footballer? Without doubt, wages of £200,000+ may psychologically change a players stance on what initially attracted them to the game. Perhaps the whole debacle is down to a shrewd piece of business from a man is who probably now the worlds richest football agent! I now find myself in awe of players like Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and even Kevin Davies; professional footballers who go about their business with an air of subtlety and calm. Who try and steer clear of the spotlight that has damaged so many around them. Will we see such players again in the modern game? or… are we destined to be subjected to a sport clouded by individual greed for the rest of our years!?

I for one will continue to be a passionate follower of the modern game (even though being an Aston Villa fan can sometimes test my patience!). What do you think? How can you see the game at the top level in 10 years time? or more to the point, will it exist?!

I certainly will not holding my breath!




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