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Why is Arsenal such a failure?

After the diabolical midweek Champions League game for Arsenal against Monaco, many fans are demanding change in the summer and asking the Arsenal board to take sacking Wenger, one of the Premier League’s iconic managers into serious consideration. When Wenger started at Arsenal he built a really strong and sturdy squad, but over time the novelty has worn off. When you think back to the Arsenal Invincible’s, players such as Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, and of course Arsenal fan favourite and the clubs top goalscorer Thierry Henry who were very tall around two meters to be in fact, and when you listen to players such as Roy Keane who is known as one of the most fearless players in footballing history say he was intimated at the size and strength of the Arsenal players and dreaded playing against them. That just proves that Arsenal were not a team to be messed with at one stage.

After the the Invincibles squad won the double, Wenger sold a lot of the players which was a shame and a huge disappointment to the fans, and Wenger tried a new transfer approach by buying small technical spanish players. As we can see this has failed dramatically  because many goals were being conceding on opposition set piece routines, because of the pure fact the small players were no good in the air and this cost Arsenal as it took Wenger over eight years to win some silverware. Arsenal fans including myself thought after the FA Cup victory in 2014 the tides will have turned and maybe we might be title contenders, but Wenger got rid of Thomas Vermaelen who was a really good defender and who is yet to get his Barcelona career underway. The problem is Wenger got rid of a good defender who was liked by the fans, but failed to buy a replacement so Arsenal were relying on a full back to play centre back and to be truthful Monreal was not to bad as some people thought, however Arsenal just showed way to many cracks, which cost them points for example Hull 2 – 2 and losing 2 – 1 to Swansea and a few other games such as Stoke as I don’t really want to talk about if you know what I mean.

So to sum it up Arsenal should get rid of Wenger in the summer, because enough is enough! It is like an endless cycle and fans are getting fed up with it. I want to see more tall and strong players at Arsenal like Karim Benzema who is also a world class finisher. Fans are sick of it, because Wenger is trying to be to good and it is not working one bit. Every week the team does not look united and it makes them look like they don’t even know each other which is a shame, because this is one of the best Arsenal teams I have seen in many years. What do you think should Wenger go in the summer or should he stay?

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