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Why is their not enough English talent in the Premier League?

The FA wants more English talent in the Premier League. Fair enough. The FA wants England to win the World Cup by 2022. Fair enough. The FA blames the Premier League because of the lack of English players in the Premier League. The FA blames The Premier League to let any number of foreign players to play in the League. The FA blames the foreign players because they are cheaper than the English ones.

The League says they started in 1992 and England did not win the World Cup since 1966. So what about the time between 1966 and 1992. England did not win anything between the two dates.

I say the FA either do not realize what the real problem is or do not want to admit it.

Because: No one can tell me that if there is an English talent who is better in the position he plays than a foreign player and the foreign one will get more chance for being in the starting line up. This is England where an English person is always favored. Ok, they can say that most of the clubs has a foreign owner. Also most of the clubs have foreign managers or at least non-English one. Fair enough. But. I do not think there is any owner or manager who would think of the nationality when it comes to select the starting line up. No one go against his own success. So if the English talent is better then he will play. If he is not better he will not play. It is simple as it is.

If I am a manager only the player’s quality that matters when it comes to selection. Nothing else. The player’s overall quality. If someone does not reach the required level then we have to ask questions.

Why is not there enough English talent? We have to find the answers at the development centers, clubs, and schools.

Do they do a good enough job? Do they have quality coaching stuff? What kind of coaching do they do? Do they open for new ideas? Or just keep doing the traditional English coaching? Is that enough to produce world-class players? Are they ready to do a self-investigation if they do not produce good enough players or just blaming others? Do they still go for the results with their youth teams or they want to develop the individual player? Do they know how to develop world-class talents?

I came to this country almost 8 years ago. After few months I could see the problems in the lack of quality of coaching and the false approach and attitude of officials and coaches. It seems that the FA have just woken up. But still not able to see the big picture.

It is not the Premier League who cause the lack of English talent. It comes from the FA. They are not able to produce quality football coaches. I can tell this by experience.

The development centers, clubs and schools they still do not know how to coach children in the successful way as they do in countries like Spain, Germany, Netherland…

Unfortunately I cant see the changes until the FA, the officials, coaches at development centers, clubs and schools are not able to be open minded. They need to realize that they do not do good enough job. They have to analyze their own work and also how successful countries do things differently. Then they have to add the ingredients together. Add the ingredients of successful countries way to the advantages of English football.

I can see that. It is simple. But most of the people who work in football in this country not able to be open minded and learn from the better ones. Without this step you will always just make the same mistakes as you did earlier.

So. Analyze, learn from the better ones, ad the ingredients together, work and work and….

Let the children enjoy the game, but in the meantime do everything for them to be great success. Do not go for the trophies with your youth teams but concentrate on the development of the individuals.

And when they come to the age of first team football they will be good enough to be able to get a place in the starting line

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