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Why Liverpool deserve to win the English Premier League

For so many recent years, Liverpool have always got to November/December in a league season and said “next year will be our year”. For once, the Liverpool fans who said that last season, they might well be right. This season they have been on fire and for me, they deserve to win the league this year. Here are my list of reasons why they deserve to lift the Barclays Premier League trophy in May.

 1. Reason one is simple, they play the best football. The way Brenden Rodgers has Liverpool playing has to be admired, the patient passing game combined with the many forward thinking players in the team that run at defences.

2. The partnership of Suarez and Sturridge has been incredible, the link up play between the two has opposition defences confused and at times they are unstoppable. With a combined total of 42 goals between them in the leauge so far there is no other strikeforce that come close to them, with Van Persie and Rooney the next best partnership with 21 goals combined. Suarez has scored 3 more than them both put together!

3. The amount of homegrown talent Brenden Rodgers has brought in at Liverpool has to applauded, although i will never support the English national team being Scottish, it is good to see English players playing the English Premier League. If Liverpool were to win the league I think it would pose the question as to why do clubs need to buy so many overpaid foreigners when the English players on their doorsteps can do just aswell if not better. The current core of English players at Liverpool are all getting recognition with the national team, Henderson, Gerrard, Sterling, Sturridge and Johnson are all England regulars.

Everything going so well for Liverpool this season could be put down to the fact that all of their rivals have to play European football which Liverpool do not have too. They get a whole week usually inbetween games. Also another factor is their defence is letting them down at the moment which could ultimately cost them the title.

Realistically I think Liverpool need to buy a solid established English Premier League defender, I think Jan Vertonghen at Tottenham would be a good choice, Ashley Williams another one and also I think Jose Fonte at Southampton would do a good job at Liverpool, he is a ball playing defender with Southampton playing a similar style to Liverpool it would not be the worse choice. Brenden Rodgers likes to pick young players though as he is trying to build a team so maybe it will be seen whether he goes for someone in the Premier League or get a younger player for cheap abroad.

Although I think Liverpool deserve to win the league, usually in football you do not get what you deserve. Overall, as much as I would like to see Liverpool win the league, I do not think they will, their defence is letting them down, they are in with a great shout though and even if they do not win the title, getting into the Champions League was probably their main objective of the season and that would be a success in itself for them.



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