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Without Modrić,Kovač and Srna against Poland

“We’ll play a fair game, but we aren’t crazy to risk some stuff which can cost us, so the players with yellow cards won’t play. Priority is to minimize the risk for losing players for quarter-finals”, says Bilić.


Yesterday Slaven Bilić was late for a press conference because of  detailed analisis of Polish national team till late at night, but also and during the morning.That says enough with what dose of seriousness are the headquarters approaching the third game in groupstage, although Croatia has already secured the quarter-finals.

“We’ve watched tonight Poland till late, both games. We made one DVD and had analisis this morning. Some players will because of some small problems train according to special program. Those are Budan, Modrić and Srna, while everybody else is on disposition. Based on that training we’ll be smarter regarding the squad for Poland”, started the selector, and than closely analyzed Polish national team: “They are very organized team. Germans didn’t make some bigger chances, even some bigger class difference couldn’t be seen. The Polish have motive, they can still go through, so we expect hard, real game. We want to continue successful array, play fair. Not for somebody else, but for us”, accented Nane and announced changes in the first squad, but not as drastic as Ćiro Blažević did 12 years ago against Portugal.

“We have to wait the last training in Klagenfurt, so we’ll see how and with who will we play.We’ve already made few variants. Whoever will run out, will have the same aim and demands. Our strenght is that we have a group of twenty players which are all the first team. We will play real, fair match, but we aren’t crazy to risk some stuff which can cost us. Again, we are egoistic and we want to minimize the risk, so the yellowed ones won’t play”, announced Bilić.

In the first two matches yellow cards got Robert Kovač, Modrić, Srna, Å imunić and Jerko Leko. The first four ones, except midfielder from Monaco (Leko), probably won’t run out against Poland, and rest could get even Ivica Olić, who left his soul on the field against Austria and Germany and played that games like a marathon runner.

For the end, Slaven additionally wanted to accent something: “I repeat, Poland is important to us, important is every training. I’ll again be on the line of the field and will be nervous. We’ll be right, our best squad in these circumstances will play because we won’t take any unnecessary risks after which we’ll grasp our heads”, concluded Croatian coach.

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