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Where has it all gone wrong?

Over the past few weeks things have been on a downhill slope for Peterborough United. After banking just the one point this year Posh have slipped to their lowest position in The Championship this season and now fans are starting to wonder just quite what has changed since August.

On the pitch performances have become frustrating to watch. The team have lost all that spark, that fight and that camaraderie that saw them stun opponents at the start of the season. Teams used to come to London Road and face a real battle for points but recently silly mistakes and a lack of confidence has seen Posh hand three points away on a plate week after week. Perhaps it’s now time to think up a change of tactics as the diamond formation, which used to be goals flying in all over the shop, just isn’t working anymore.

Fans aren’t asking for much they just want to see their team not give up so easily; last week’s game at home to Portsmouth being the prime example. With Pompey laying just a place behind Posh in the table and only two other teams playing at the weekend this was a massive opportunity for the boys to open up the gap on the teams below them. Instead Posh put in what can only be described as an embarrassing performance.

There isn’t just one issue to pin-point in the team, the whole squad looks like it’s totally out of its depth just recently. The front-men can’t form a partnership, the midfield can’t hold possession, the back-line can’t mark from set-paces and the man between the sticks…well to put it politely he makes far too many mistakes. Players look scared on the ball, when they get the ball they don’t know what to do with it and are wasting possession too cheaply.

Darren Ferguson acknowledged after the Brighton game that performances would need to improve yet still nothing has changed, if anything performances are now worse and on home soil that just isn’t acceptable. I for one am hoping to see a new face come in before the end of the transfer window, but not just a non-league name or a Premier League reserve player like we normally sign, a player who can actually make an impact straight away. No one big or fancy just someone who will force the team to fight for their place.

Given that at the start of the season we all said we would be happy with anything above 22nd place our league position is still something to be proud of but now we’re failing to beat the teams around us things are beginning to get worrying. If we are to continue to safely stay away from danger every game is now crucial. We made it through the first half of the season with our heads held high so come on Posh now is the time to make a few adjustments, knuckle down for the rest of the campaign and do us all proud.

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