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Who should New York Cosmos sign?

So they have a new kit but they currently have no team to wear it!

The New York Cosmos brand is back up and running but it is still early days.  The foundations have well and truly been laid for them to build an organisation and most importantly a team full of glitz and glamour they had back in the 1970’s.

Since the Cosmos have been reborn they have employed some big names in the world of football, none bigger than Pele himself , who is already a major part of their history and plans to add another chapter to this as honorary president. Eric Cantona and Cobi Jones have been appointed as directors of football for the club which shows they are trying to put together a cast to rival ‘The Great Escape’!

So who should they sign? Rumours have it that they will be competing in the MLS by 2013 which means they dont have very much time to get a team of  allstars together. Pele, Beckenbauer and Carlos Alberto have all worn the Cosmos shirt so whoever they decide to be the new faces of the club they will have a lot to live up to.

So who will Pele and Co. get to play in their fantasy football side.

Top 5 players New York Cosmos should sign…………..

1. Ronaldo – He is Brazilian and he is considered as one of the best players to ever kick a ball, which the Cosmos are used to.  He has just gone into early retirement but if Pele and Cantona can not persuade him to join their new team of stars then no one can. Ronaldo is one of the most decorated players in recent years from being the all time record goal scorer in World Cup Finals to having won titles with some of the biggest clubs in the world, Real Madrid and AC Milan. Just his name alone would send shirt sales through the roof but with the natural instinct he has in front of goal the fans would go crazy for him spearheading their attack.

2. Michael Owen – has played at Liverpool, Real Madrid and currently Manchester United so why not New York Cosmos. Sir Alex Ferguson believes he still has what is needed to compete at the top level and with his goal scoring record he could certainly shine in the MLS. Owen has been a fringe player at Man Utd due to injury problems and the talent they have at their disposal it is hard for him to hold down a starting place week in week so regular games in the MLS might well appeal towards the end of his playing career.

3. Ronaldinho – Another Brazilian with the flair and crowd pleasing skills the Cosmos fans should dream of seeing at their new stadium. He has just moved to Flamengo from Milan and in a year or two could be looking for a glamorous send off with famous names he has been used to playing with and against over the years. Having been praised by Pele over the years this could certainly be a possibility.

4. Gattuso – A different player to the above but if the Cosmos want to compete at the top end of the league they are going to need a general in the midfield and no one likes a battle in the centre of the pitch more than Gennaro Gattuso. With the controversy that has surrounded him in recent weeks over his antics against Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League he might be looking for an escape route which could well be in New York.

5. Xavi – Consider the best midfielder in the world right now with Barcelona, but by the time the Cosmos enter the MLS he will be 33 years old and won nearly everything the European game has to offer. Technically he is the best around and he has proved it time and again, with the potential strike force in front of him at the Cosmos and his ability to find a defence splitting pass it could be a match made in heaven.  A less pressured atmosphere in the MLS might just be what he needs after all the important games he has played for Barcelona.


So with my top five compiled and as you can see the players in the top 5 would put the New York Cosmos back to being a world famous and glamorous club that attracts footballing greats from all around the world which could make Eric Cantona’s dream of becoming the ‘best club in the world’ come true.

Who would you sign?

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