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See you, Seyi

With our opening Premeirship match only 8 days away, actual transfer news has been hard to come by over the past couple of months. Our hope was that Dean Whitehead’s arrival would spark Stoke into action, and we would be going into the season with a much stronger squad than the one we finished with.

But Stoke, along with a number of other Premier league teams have continued to be exasperated by a slow moving transfer market, not least because the players are affording themselves time to make their decisions. Tony Pulis has today had a pop at agents, well not so much of a pop, more of a logical and coherent reasoning as to why we haven’t managed to secure more players. Refreshing as it is to not hear him talk about being ‘blown out of the water’ or ‘not being able to compete with the bigger teams’, it still leaves question marks over where we go from here. It must be a bit of a nightmare trying to prepare for a new season, knowing that you are talking to 10-12 players, and not knowing who is actually interested in signing and when they will actually sign. It’s left us fans in a purgatory, and already pointing fingers towards those who’s incompetence could well stunt our progress.

 But as we wait patiently for those incoming, we wave goodbye to Seyi Olofinjana, who has left in search of first team football, and sounds like he feels he’s found it at Phil Brown FC.

 He’ll be remembered by me for his goals against Arsenal and Everton, and that daft pirouette he used to do with the ball the 6 or 7 times a game where he almost got caught in possession. His problem what that he was never steely or combative enough, but never really offered much of a threat going forward, either. A box to box midfielder who never seemed to make it to either box, his inconsistency finally lead to him falling out of favour after Christmas. I suppose what is most damning is that most Stoke fans seem happy to see him join a team that will be looking to compete with ourselves in the lower echelons of the Premiership, and i think we’re all a little astonished that we’ve managed to recoup all the £3million that we paid for him 12 months ago. Man about town Phil Brown has struggled to attract players, not a clue why that would be the case.

So Seyi decides to move on, curiously choosing humberside over Monte Carlo. So, to the tune of Say you, say me by Lional Ritchie…

See you, Seyi

Played like you were in a daze,

We’ll sign Beye with your fee.

See you, Seyi



 Awful, but i can’t get it out of my head, so i thought i’d share it with you so it might annoy you as much as it’s now annoying me.

So Seyi, i suppose it’s ta-ra instead of au-voila, and godspeed.

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