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2 thoughts Manchester United’s David Moyes should consider moving forward

As Arjen Robben’s powerful shot deflected of Vidic with the ball slowly rolling in, it signalled the end of an era for Manchester United in the Champions League certainly for this season and possibly many more. And for some fans that have not experienced failure, it was hard to take with tweets for Moyes Out trending on all social media sites, with the majority not sure if he can be trusted the summer money he will be given. As a supporter it will be difficult, but I have the believe that he can turn things around in the next few seasons. Now if I was Moyes here is what I would do.

Sell Van Persie. Some of you maybe be looking at me and thinking that I’m an idiot, but selling him would be a positive. Firstly if he was sold it would lead to the use of a 4-2-3-1 formation with Mata in the hole and Rooney up top, both in their best positions. Analysing the Newcastle game with Mata in the ‘10’, he had his best game for United playing between the lines, threading eye splitting balls through Newcastle defence, he is our playmaker which we have been lacking and playing him out wide meant our full back having to defend  a 2 on 1 situation because of his unwillingness to track back and when attacking he lacks the pace to go past a player, getting the ball in the box a United tradition. With Van Persie gone it means our best players in the best areas of the pitch. Also going into the future he will be 31 by the time we start the new season, with a good selling fee we may be able to recoup most of the money spent on him. Last of all he obtains too many injures, meaning he is not available for a lot of the games.

Give the Europa League a try, a lot of you do not know this, but winning the Europa League from next season will earn you a place in the Champions League regardless of your league position and for big teams in tricky leagues like England and Italy, clubs like Man Utd, Spurs, Milan etc who have big squads it may be doable. With direct UCL qualification you are also wining a trophy and significantly increasing your UEFA coefficient.  By winning the Europa League it provides Manchester United with a back up plan if they cannot reach the top 4.

Give Jones and Smalling a place in the first team. These players have great potential and they are now coming to the age where they need to be playing regularly to avoid becoming a bit part player like Evans. With Jones at right back his energy and pace is what we will need, a danger going forward and rock at the back. He will also add calmness in the back four something with Rafael lacks. Also with Smalling he has great heading abilities along with his pace rarity for a tall defender. Often looked confident and has had big game experience with an outstanding performance dealing with Mario Mandzukic. If both are given a real run, then the sky’s the limit with their ability.

Whatever happens in the next few years it will be tough and painful experience but just spare a thought for AC Milan possibly even bigger than Man Utd, but in a relegation battle, with huge debts and board turmoil. It could be worse.

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