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The Best £500,000 Blackpool Have Ever Spent?

A remarkable left foot, the ability to pick out almost any pass during a game, set piece specialist, a captain who led his men to the promise land of the Premier League and possessing a resolute determination which has seen him go from strength to strength in a two year period which has undoubtedly turned his life and career on its head.

Left out in the cold by the team he moved to as a youngster, allowed to leave for a paltry sum in a mystifying transfer market and now the subject of a speculated £10 million pound summer transfer bid. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Charlie Adam.

Who would have thought the boy from Dundee would have ended up here after being allowed to leave by Glasgow Rangers? It would have been assumed the ‘norm’ for Adam to flutter away into obscurity and rarely be heard of again having left one half of the Old Firm. But this fate was not one Charlie Adam was about to allow himself to follow. Instead the idea of Premier League football, leading his club to promotion euphoria and being the subject of multimillion pound transfer negotiations sounds somewhat better when said aloud.

Charlie Adam’s story is nothing short of a miraculous one. After what could be describes as an inconsistent period of his career with Rangers, the midfielder was sold to Blackpool in August 2009 after having a successful loan spell with the club only months earlier. £500,000 was all it took for the Seasiders to prize Adam away from the club, such was the contempt shown to him by a club who appeared to disregard the skill and ability he clearly has. Moving for a fee such as this would illustrate no indication Adam would go onto bigger and better things with the championship outfit. Few could have predicted how the outlook would change over a period of only two years.

It’s fair to say Adam used to the bear the brunt of Rangers support, often on the end of the fans frustrations possibly because he was an easy target for the aggravations among the followers. Now before we go any further, I cannot stress enough that this is not an article aimed at the Rangers faithful due the hard time Adam often endured with the club. I’m sure if you offered the Rangers support the option of Adam being back at the club tomorrow, most would bite your hand off, although I’m not entirely sure Adam would be so keen to return? It merely underlines how the player has grown and developed since leaving the Govan side.

Since leaving, Adam has played ninety games and scored thirty-one goals for the ‘The Tangerines’, an outstanding record for a midfielder. He’s been handed the Blackpool captaincy, scored in the play-off final which catapulted Blackpool to the big-time, been named in the 2009-2010 PFA Championship team of the year and continues to add to the Scotland caps he already holds. It’s fair to say this is a flourishing time in Charlie Adam’s career.

Adam goal against Cardiff

“That left foot is magical.” – Blackpool manager Ian Holloway (24th Jan 2011)

As Blackpool took their first foray in England’s top flight for thirty-nine years, Adam continued to stand out with his influential performances which have now caught the eyes of several Premiership managers. Speculation about Adam’s future prompted the ever endearing Ian Holloway to warn off potential suitors of the Scottish midfielder, as well as continuing to sing the praises of the player.

As clubs continued to sniff around, the January transfer window opened and with it came media speculation, rumour mills going into overdrive and Holloway remaining adamant that Adam was going nowhere. With this the player handed in a transfer request to the club.

Ian Holloway

“If Charlie is only worth £4m then I’m a Scotsman called McTavish. It is insulting.” – Holloway’s reaction to the £4 million bid from Liverpool during January’s transfer window.

Adam may well have been a Liverpool or Tottenham Hotspur player at the time of writing this article had it not been for several difficulties in negotiations between them and his club, Blackpool. I recall one sports broadcaster who captured Adam leaving Blackpool’s ground only an hour or so short of the transfer deadline on the 31st of January this year. To say he had the grin resembling the Cheshire cat would be nothing short of an understatement, with a deal looking likely with Harry Redknapp’s Spurs. Alas, this was not to be for Charles, with the deal failing to make it through the compulsory procedures before the window so harshly slammed shut with an almighty bang.

What could we expect from a modern footballer after the saga…A tantrum or a hissy fit which would ultimately lead to the toys being thrown from the pram? Not Charlie Adam. The manner in which the player has conducted himself since the closing of the transfer window has been nothing short of exemplary. Going about his business with a determination to keep his beloved Blackpool in the top flight of English football, Adam continues to give everything to the club who brought him south of the border and put so much faith in hm.

There will no doubt be those who may suggest the player is happy continuing with Blackpool because he is aware he’ll probably get a desired move in the summer. This may well be the case but there is also the chance that Blackpool could be relegated from the Premier League, a chance Adam may be injured as he continues to show the same grit which helped get Blackpool to where they are and numerous other situations which could scupper a summer transfer. But for Charlie Adam it’s business as usual.

Others may well question why Adam now wants to move. At the age of twenty-five, he isn’t getting any younger, not to suggest that the age of twenty-five is old. If he is lucky he may well get another eight to ten years playing the beautiful game, in what has to be said is a relatively short career span. Who could blame Adam for wanting to grab the opportunities which exist while he can? In a fraction of a second a player’s career can change, or worse still, be over. It’s human nature to have the desire to progress and go onto better things. Sure, the grass may not always be greener, but how would one know if they don’t at least try it?

As Adam continues to show a resolve which will hopefully prevent the Seasiders from relegation, the other clubs hover above like vultures, waiting to pounce at some point over the summer break ready to provide him with the next step forward in his career. With Tottenham and Liverpool lining up to battle it out in the summer for Adam’s signature, it’s hard to see the player remaining at Bloomfield Road. However Blackpool Football Club have shown they will not be pushed around or dictated to due to the size of the club in comparison to that of the supposed Premiership giants, and rightly so.

If a move does indeed materialise it is nothing short of what the player deserves. Blackpool’s most expensive signing was a tag he had to live up to and piled yet more pressure on the player to step up and show just what he was capable of. Now commanding a transfer fee considered to be in the region of £10 million pounds, Adam is lauded by many as one of the best midfielders in the English Premier League, not something you would immediately associate with a Scottish player in the modern age of football.

When the transfer window opens once again in the summer, it shall provide for ardent viewing to discover just who, if anyone Charlie Adam does indeed move to.

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