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Abete Wants Clarification From UEFA

FIGC President Abete wants a clarifaction from UEFA after Italy were illegally disallowed a legimate goal against Romania. With all the chaos surrounding the legimaticy of Holland’s opener against Italy and UEFA then saying it was correct, we now wait on UEFA to clarify the decision. That spoiled Italy what could have been their first win in the tournament and things were made worse by the ref for the Italians.

“Had we went into half-time leading 1-0, it would have been a completely different game. Two episodes highly dubious, Toni’s goal totally regular and the penalty was extremely dubious too. ” The Norwegian referee spoiled the party for the Italians and Giancarlo Abete was completely furious with the refereeing.  “UEFA immediately issued a press release to clarify the regularity on the Dutch opener and now they have to do the same with a look towards the refereeing too.”

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