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AC Milan Out For Target Of Adebayor?

Well this sucks because AC really needed Adebayor on the team. Now this offseason has been quite good for AC Milan,but I was really wanting Adebayor to become an AC Milan. But that’s over now and were do we go from here? AC Milan have been in the news a lot latley and ever since Kaka got out from the hospital and had his little boy, things have been kind of on a down side for Ac lately.

But now whats next for AC in terms of recuriting and what’s next for the Adebayor nogotiaion? Well I think I know where Adebayor will be going, it’s pretty odbeyious…Chelasea. Yes, I know what you thinking how could Chelsea pull strings to get him on the team? Well, Chelsea still is not out of this deal and with Barcelona coming up behind them, who will get him?



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