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AC Milan Update With Recruting

Well AC Milan has been having great sucess this off season with recruting top players and man they’re going to be great next year.

With AC focusing on Adebayor this past few days. Adebayor is the only one AC is really wanting and were did the Drogbal deal go?

Last time I heard Drogba was very close to signing with AC Milan, but I guess that deal fell apart.
Now I know alot of you know that I am not a big fan of Dider Drogba, but I was only hoping Drogba would become a Milan only because we could use his talent, but he could’ve left his attitude at Chelsea, that’s if he signed with Milan.

AC Milan will be a great team next season, with Kaka coming back and with Ronaldino having a speedy recovery.

Man U look out cause AC Milan is coming and we want it all!

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