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AC Milan Still In Talks with Chelsea Strickers Dider Drogba & Andriy

AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani has said the club has opened talks with Chelsea on possibly of signing Drogba and Andriy.

I am for and against them signing Drogba, but I am all for Andriy to become a AC Milan.

As many of you are aware I am not a big fan of Drogbas character, I will say this again: HIS ATTITUDE SUCKS!!!!!

Now Drogba is a very talented athlete, but he could give his teammates the credit for the assist once and awhile, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

And that’s exactly why Drogba would not be a good fit for AC Milan.

Kaka is AC Milans front man right know and if Drogba possibly signs with the team then both will be trying to gain the spotlight and then the team will just fall apart.

Now Andriy is a fantastic player and he would be an excellent addiction for AC, and I hope they sign him.

Like I said with Drogba I am not a big fan of his attitude or character, but if he can stop being a show off and start being a team player, then… yeah I would love for Drogba to become a Milan.

All I would like to see is some credit given back to his teammates.

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