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Another one bites the dust – Sheffield United’s David Weir sacked

Sheffield United has once again sacked their manager. David Weir the latest to depart after only one league win in 10 games. Chris Morgan has been put in charge for the game at Coventry on Sunday. Weir was only in charge for 13 games overall including the cups and it seems 13 was his unlucky number.

It’s sad to see him go as you could see he was a well-respected man trying to do the right thing on and off the pitch. He was clearly trying to implement a new passing style to a club that has been criticized (unfairly in my view) as been long ball and hard to play against over the years. You could see that patient build up across the back four and into midfield in every game. The only thing missing was goals and that ultimately led to the 9 defeats in those 13 games. It also led to us giving away soft goals as the pressure grew on the players to create a chance let alone a goal.

I think when Weir looked back he might think he tried to change things too quickly. The idea is right in principle. Build from the back keeping good possession and the chances along with goals will come. However there were many games where I can count on one finger let alone hand the amount of good chances we had created in 90 minutes.

I don’t understand the obsession that’s infested the game recently. It seems every club in the country wants to play like Barcelona or at least a version of their style. I’m all for that if you have the resources and most importantly the players. The reality is United are now in the bottom 4 of League 1 and need to start grinding out a few results to climb the table. Win ugly first and then the better football should follow. I’m afraid United could not do that early this season and have become the easiest side to play against in the 3rd tier. The number of goals conceded at set pieces (despite Weir insisting on bringing everyone back for corners) tells its own story.

We have become a soft touch, the grit, determination and passion from the stands to players under Neil Warnock has seemingly long gone. Bramall Lane used to be a place teams feared coming to. We had an incredible record here and even if we were 2 down at half time you knew there would be a reaction from the players 2nd half, win or lose. Now you see players strolling about dawdling over to take corners as if it’s hard work to knock a decent ball into the box when we are behind in the game.

So what now? Do we revert back to type and employ a manager that’s going play more direct in your face football? Or are we going to seek someone who is going to continue with a similar philosophy as Weir?

For my money it really has to be a mix of the 2. You can play good football whilst been difficult to play against. Win the battle and the players we have for this level should then shine. Who that’s going to be is again going to be a very important choice by the board. Nigel Clough is the favourite at the moment having done a steady job at Derby. Also talk of Stuart McCall who came close to coming in the summer. Whoever it is does need to have experience at this level or higher. He also to grab this club by scruff of its neck, inject some confidence into the players and find a way to win some games before this season descends into a full on relegation battle.

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