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Arsenal: Eden Hazard flirting and hands off Athletic Bilbao!

Over the course of the season it has become apparent that Lille “wonderkid” Eden Hazard wants to move to a ‘bigger’ club… as if being French champions wasn’t enough, huh?
However, Eden and his father Thierry have expressed interests for a legion of different clubs. In mid-September Eden made it abundantly clear that he wanted to play for Madrid, modesty of course being one of his traits… Eventually hopping on the Barcelona bandwagon before subsequently stating that “Arsene Wenger is a legend in France and will help my career in the long run”. While this young talent would be very welcome in the ranks of Arsenal, I and many other supporters have grown irate and jaded by his constant flirting with other clubs, such as our arch-rivals Tottenham. Yes, the winger is a hot commodity and has the right to think he’s the centre of attention and bring in attraction from world renowned clubs nonetheless I feel he’s making a lot of false promises to many people…

But enough about that young talent and more about Athletic Bilbao. When asked as a kid what your dream in life would be you’d probably answer with “to play against Manchester United” however how often does a team with an average age of roughly 22 complete this dream and beat them… twice? Possibly with the exception of the 29 year old Andoni Iraola the team is still incredibly young. All of them of Basque heritage and gelling very nicely together, I vote that the footballing world should agree to a transfer embargo of players leaving the outfit. Maybe two or three years down the line and no players leaving, Athletic Bilbao could become the next Barcelona with the likes of Fernando Llorente, Iker Muniain and Javi Martinez.

So from an Arsenal fan who’s youngsters have been clawed away by Manchester City, I think Hazard should stay at Lille and Athletic Bilbao should be as untouched as a nun.



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